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Virtualization of the report servers of DCRUM


I would like to have some recommendations regarding the installation of DCRUM report servers in a VMWare environment.

The target architecture will consist of application virtual servers : 1 VM for each CAS or ADS server, and on database virtual servers.

The database will be stored in a SAN.

I would like to know what are the recommendations for these servers : CPU, memory, disk space, and also the I/O capacities for the database server.

Also , if you have any advice for the described architecture, let share it.


Thank you for your answer.






Salut Antoine

The recommendations follow the ordinary ones.

However - As I have come to understand, some VM managers can be a bit upset with the I/O of our servers depending on how much free capacity there is when we install into them. A Good idea is to deploy the CAS and then run the benchmark tool. This will give the VM admins an idea of the need we have. Notice that the resource consumption is not a continous 24/7 load but a load that comes as a spike every 5 minutes and then also during night when the maintenance scripts are run.

If they have multiple hosts, install all into 1 ESX, make a Benchmark test and then do a move of one of the components over to another ESX and redo the Benchmark. That gives the VM Admins a picture of what kind of application they are dealing with.

Hallo Ulf, 


Thanks for your reply, your idea is good.

The VM administrator would like to have the I/O consumption of the reporting servers (CAS or ADS) prior to the DCRUM deployment. We are now deciding if a virtual DCRUM platform will be good in term of performance or not and a physical platform is better.

That's why if you have any figure about that, just tell me then.


Thank you for your answer.





Hi everyone,

Similar to Antoine's queries, can anyone provide some guidance on I/O consumption for CAS on a VM deployment?


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