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Was there a change to what is saved in the "daily reports" database. (aka reporting DB)


I have recently upgraded to v19 of NAM. I have a report that filters on selected Tasks and Operations and this report works fine for a previous day or days as long as my resolution is set to something less than a day. As soon I run the report with the resolution set to a day, I do not receive any results. I know that "daily" data is pulled from a different database from where the "5 min / hourly" data is pulled and is populated when the nightly jobs run. I have confirmed that the nightly jobs have been running fine. Is Task/Operation details no longer being stored in the reporting DB?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Bob,

This is correct, with daily time resolution, NAM server uses different tables in database than in case of resolution of 5 minutes or similar.

Still, it doesn't explain the effect you have described. It looks like something we need to take a closer look. What I can suggest now is to create support ticket, include export config, include screenshots and definitions of your reports (if we're talking about customized reports).

We will go back to you with answer as soon as we analyze the issue, but data I mentioned above is crucial here.

Best Regards,