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We have some deals about ISO8583 monitoring, so we would like to know if anyone has any presentation about it with reports and details ?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Do you have access to the Feature Description page on Community? There are some decks on the Universal Decode that you may start with, some light example screenshots of ISO 8583 messages deciphered are there too.

Please note that there are many variations of the ISO 8583 protocol, we have universal decode scripts ready for two of them, see the page. In your case the protocol version may be different, so scripts may need some modifications.

The best and simplest proof of abilities would be to get a packet capture of the subject ISO 8583 traffic and process it through your own test AMD with the universal decode scripts added. The Community page above has links to the script sources on GitHub. We have several DXS consultants around the world who have done real-life universal decode implementations including ISO 8583; it may make sense involving DXS for that kind of engagement, so your start will be easier. Remember that down the line it would probably be you as the partner responsible for supporting the decode script.

Best regards