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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

What controls the number of Oracle Forms "URLS" ?


Can anybody help me figure out what controls the number of Unique Oracle Forms "operations"?

With the button clicks it can quickly become many, but I do not see the option of "regexing" the Button Names, this might be a solution to it as well.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Do you mean that below regex option does not work?

What does that operate on? Is the Module and the Task as well? Or is it just the Operation? That is not very clear in the documentation.

And also, where to you control the aging? Is it controlled by the URL Aging in atscon?

Only globally in atscon in CAS


The regex in the above dialog window pertains to the full operation name. Yes, it helps control the number of unique operations output by the AMD. So, if there are 2 operations with the same button name, you can create 2 regex records that will have the same label. Example:

1) operation: *buttonNameA -->> name: buttonOperation

2) operation: *buttonNameB -->> name: buttonOperation

However, here's my opinion: The window titles (parent window and result/current window) are better controllers of the operation name uniqueness, not the GUI control title (like a button title). Button names may be repeated in separate non-related window titles, because Oracle Forms is an app which utilizes re-use of code objects.

So if you have windowPayrollCanada and windowPayrollUSA, which have buttonNameAAA and buttonNameBBB respectively, why not regex based on the window title and assign the name as: windowPayrollbuttonclick.

Also, when you do this type of regex (where you have to enable static monitoring), the operation name becomes one entity; there will be no CAS reporting hierarchy. The "name" or new label will go the the operation level only; there won't be any task, module, service,