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What does it mean when a software service does not appear in tier rules?


Hello guys,

When configuring the tier rules and adding the corresponding Software Service, what does it mean when a specific Software Service does not appear in the dropdown list? I assume that it has to be of the same Analyzer type, but what other conditions have to be met?

I'm trying to add another HTTP-based software service (web server) to a tier (front-end tier) but the Software Service does not appear in the dropdown.

I have to create a separate Sofware Service-based tier in order for it to show up, but when I do I see no matching data preview.

However, when I run a packet trace in the RUM Console I get traffic for that software service.

Anybody have any idea what this could be due to?






I'm not quite clear on what or where you don't see things. The Normal process is as follows:

  1. Define a Software service either manually or by using the Wizard. Publish!!!
  2. At this stage you can verify that you actually have traffic against this Software Service (ss) by checking in the AMD and run RCON and issue the command LAPP (there are plenty of other commands that can help you in RCON - just type HELP :-)) .
  3. Go to the CAS and check that the traffic is coming in on the ss you just created.
  4. When this is done, go to where you are now (Business Units) and add the applicable ss's to you Application and be sure that at least one of the ss is a Front-End ss.
  5. If you see no hits in the lower pane, alter so that it looks at the whole day instead of just the last interval.
  6. Flick back to the AHS and wait an interval or two.


Hey @ulf thornander,

Thanks for the input. Apparently the CAS was acting up due to a disk space problem and was not showing me all the Software Services available from the dropdown. It started showing me everything after this was corrected.

Thanks again for the help! 🙂

Happy to help!