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What is "Dictionary Inconsistency"?

Before I open yet another support ticket to bother the support team, anyone know what is this message about?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

A dictionary inconsistency happens when information in one table references information that either does not exist or exists too much in another table. As a simplified example:

Table A Column 2 is a many:1 reference index for additional information in table B, using Table B's column 1 as the reference key. As a many:1 reference, for any given entry in Table A, there should be exactly one matching reference entry Table B, if there are zero or two matching, the dictionary is considered inconsistent.

Please collect a Diagnostic Information Export from the CAS, including SQL traces, and attach it to a Support ticket so Development can investigate the root cause of the dictionary inconsistency. The purpose of this even though the CAS already fixed the issue is to identify the root cause so future versions can prevent the inconsistency from happening in the first place, rather than fixing it after the fact.

-- Erik