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What is runserver.bat -M ???



I made a move of a DB used for an ADS server from an physical to a virtual server.

At the moment to reconnect the report server to the new cloned db I got a error message like "Bad DB version" in server.log.

I found solution in the forum by running the command "runserver.bat -M". It solve the issue.

But, does someone can tell me what is this command and the impact on existing data?

Is there any data deletion during this command execution?



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Support can help you with this

@Adam P.

Please take a look at this post.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


After moving the DB to another server (I assume you have backed up and restored it) have you activated it?


Yes, the moving method was a backup restore of the DB.

I didn't activated the DB. Our version is a 12.2.1. I'm trying to find the script for this version.

Do you know what is the role of "runserver.bat" -M ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

  1. You must do the script. Use the one from above link, just change the DB name and user/password in side if needed.
  2. As you haven't done the activation it looks like schema/user for the restored DB is not correct and advertised RunServer.bat -M could fix it.

Do the activation and see if the CAS still asks you to do RunServer.bat -M.

If so, make RDP conenction to CAS box, stop Watchdog and CAS service, open cmd.exe, navigate to C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\CAS\server:

cd C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\CAS\server

and run the following command:

RunServer.bat -M

This command is intended to verify if the CAS DB schema is correct and fix it.

There is no risk to loose and data or configuration during this process. Just make sure the Watchdog and CAS service are stopped then the batch file is working. When done, close cmd.exe and start the services.