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What is the amount of free space required so that the alarm doesn't get triggered?


On my CAS, the error log is generating this message every 10 minutes:

Not enough space on disk C. Free disk space: 6664.676 MB (15.929%). Total disk storage: 41838.588 MB

I am in the process of trying to free up space and have looked at /tmp and it is empty. I have removed the install files from the last Dynatrace upgrade. Any other suggestions? Does anyone know at what percentage of free space is needed to have the error messages from being generated?

thank you for any assistance


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I believe it is >20% free to not have an error flag.

-- Erik

I have gone through the CAS and eliminated all extraneous files. I am at 15% free and would need another 2GB freed up to get over the 20% free. (40GB C drive; 33 GB used, 6 GB free). Is there a way I can adjust the default required so I don't see the alarm? thank you.

Have been away for awhile so I am not sure if the question is still open - in the RUM Console you can find an alert named "Disks storage". Use "Actions" -> "Edit alert" and then, below "Detection Settings", you can change the threshold to a lower value that 20 (% of free space) to get rid of the alerts.

I don't have the time to verify but am almost sure that this is the correct place.

Thank you Ralph-Peter!