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What is the data retention period for Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring



I am looking for the data retention period for Enterprise
Synthetic. How long do we keep the data for Custom dashboards, Interactive Charts, Reports etc? Which resolution?

Please help me with some reference links too..





Thanks for your post. It looks like you are asking about retention in the CAS, so I am moving this to another Forum. You also have a ticket open, and we will respond to it and ensure it is in the correct location as well.

I am not asking for CAS instead Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring, please move this question to the Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring forum.


My apologies. Before I move this again, please qualify your question. ESM metric data is retained in the CAS. Are you talking about transaction metrics? Or perhaps Screenshots or Network Packet Analysis? Thanks!

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

You control the CAS data retention with Storage period. For the ESM defaults, see the image attached.


Hi Shashi

If it is like Carol is guessing, you can tinker a bit with the dates and thresholds for the roll up.

This is done in the ATSCON panel, but be careful as you can cause a number of non reversable things in there.

@ Jaroslaw O. - where can we find ESM configuration details that you mentioned ? I do not see ESM under Storage Period Configuration in my CAS I can see AMD/ synthetic Backbone & lastmile/Synthetic/Rum Browser. Can you help ?

Murali, wich release you're at?

DC RUM 12.4.10

In 12.4 it's simply Synthetic column. As in the screenshot Przemek attached below.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Murali,

ESM data retention period is configurable on CAS in the admin console within Storage period section.

Please refer to attached screenshot for ESM default data retention period settings.