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What is the "Multiple" Analyzer group ?


Hello Forum,

I have a little question here, what is the "Multiple" in Analyzer Group.
In fact we have lot of application with this factor in the application overview dashboard (see the multiple-analyzer.png multiple-analyzer-tier.png)

In the software service, we only have Web on the analyzer.
Also no issue on the Business unit only 1 VIP is configure on the application.

Could someone help me please 🙂 ?

Thank in advance for you response.


The reason why use see that is because this report is based on the Tier data view, and not the Software services data view. Tier data view was tailored to quickly render basic information about applications and tiers defined in the business units configuration screen.

In Software services data view, analyzer group is a proper dimension that splits presented data. That is why you will have actual analyzer group names per tier if a tier is defined to collect data from analyzers in different groups. In case of Tier data view, Analyzer group is just an attribute that should not split your results in case there were multiple analyzer groups used. In case different analyze groups are present - we render Multiple as analyzer group name. Since it's not a common use case we did not want to show the same tier twice only because it was based on different analyzer groups.

One of the predefined tiers, Middleware, is actually defined to span across different analyzers:

That is why reports based on Tier data view and Software service data view will differ:

It's is a very rare case when those two data views show different results, but I hope I explain the rationale behind that difference.