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Whats hidden in the "All other" operations "bucket"



I know there are several reasons the "All other" part of a Web Service gets made.

Some is due to the fact that the monitored urls is full, some is due to the fact that the content type isn't monitored.

But is there a way to check what is the case? This would be nice as we sometimes have services monitored that have lots of operations in the "All other" bucket.

Sometimes you can do a tcpdump on the AMD, but sometimes this is encrypted when you open it in WireShark (or other tools)

So, my question is: Is there a place to check what the reasons / split of the all other bucket is?





Just to make it clear - It is absolutely possible to see ALL URL's - but is it practical for you?

I got off the phone a few minutes ago with a customer who reckond he had 200.000 different URL's on a service. That builds a long list and a huge database if you want to keep them all. In order for the byte and packet counts in the reports to match what firewalls and switches report, we have the "All Other" bucket to take care of less important data and let you focus on crucial things. This will make the numbers for an app match other reports from other platforms.

That said - there are a number of things you can do. If you feel brave and have room and power you can enable the Software Service to show you everything by using a Regex or if you don't want to see everything but just more, you can turn on all content types in the pages. The consequences will be that you DB grows rapidly.

Another approach that might be more valuable is to go to the AMD console - launch RCON and issue SHOW URLS. I suggest you use PUTTY or some other tool for this and set the screen buffer so that you can scroll back (smile) Check out what's tere and adopt you monitoring to include what you need. Since it's HTTP you can also get good help from using the Wizard.


Hi, I think i might have been unclear in my question.

What I wan't to know is the "reason" and the split of whats in the All Other ie:


All Other total: 190 operations

Due to content type: 30
Due to maximum number of urls: 160


Like that?

Do you have an example syntax for show ulrs (that shows only for a certain software serice?)




No - not directly, but it would be nice. Then you would want to known the content types of those too.

You can get some help on the sorting by "show urls help".