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When DCRUM is only option, how we address OS monitoring


We are working with a customer now that has Pivotal CRM and Oracle Forms system. Dynatrace is not an option for neither so DCRUM is the only solution.

The operations team are responsible for evaluating the products and they are doing a POC with Solar Winds. While DCRUM provides way much more capability and a much higher level of monitoring, the operations team are looking for their "basic needs" of CPU, Memory, Disk space, processes utilization, etc... Solar winds provide that.

Now with Server Monitoring decommissioned and dynaTrace not being an option, how do we offer the customer with OS monitoring? Dynatrace host agent is comparatively very expensive, and it doesn't even show in the same dashboards of the DCRUM, or is there an integration method that I am unaware of?

It would be a real shame to lose to Solar Winds, but the customer will not accept a solution that doesn't provide basic OS monitoring within the same integrated dashboard.

Any suggestions?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


The only idea that comes to my mind is installing TCAM module on the machine (hope it's Windows OS) and try to benefit from ctxdata files reported in CAS on Citrix/WTS hardware data data view in DMI ...


I have looking for what TCAM module is, and most of the search results is about a memory (RAM) module. Any examples, more specific details available?

Take a look at:

These are only HW metrics TCAM module can provide ...