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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Where are the options for /sbin/ethtool changed by the AMD installer?

I've noticed that the AMD installer displayed a message on adding an option for /sbin/ethtool. However, I can't find where this change has been committed. I'm no Linux administrator, anyone has a clue?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Zbig, there are several script launched during installation, services startup / shutdown etc. that reflect AMD configuration, in particular interface settings. Is there something specific that is not working as design so you need access to raw binaries ? Please mind changing configuration by tempering those scripts is not only not supported but will add a lot of problems to you and support in case of any upgrade, problems etc. I strongly discourage you to touch them.


the question hasn't been asked because something went wrong and didn't work. The installation went smoothly (driver problems aside). I asked the question because the customer wanted to know where the changed option is written, just in case he'd like to refer to it later on.

And, on the other hand, this poses another issue, not a problem. If there are messages appearing on the screen (or log), they should always be complete and placed in the context. It's way better to have more verbatim log. For example, the AMD installer displays this message about changing the options for /sbin/ethtool, but it's incomplete in the terms of this discussion. Another example, the installer displays the SHA1 key, but users don't know what the purpose of the key is. If there was the context for this message, in this case that the key is generated for the rtmgate user, that would answer the question instantly.

So I suggest that installation messages are reviewed, since during installations network and security people keep asking questions that cannot be answered immediately because the matter isn't documented. Or, pls make the installer more user friendly 🙂


@Zbyszek C.

Have you checked what is written in the log?

Which log do you mean? I only checked the network scripts (/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts or /etc/init.d/network) assuming this is a system-level change.