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Which analyser use for json traffic ?


Hi !

I want to analyse in DCRUM json traffic of a web server. Which analyser should i use ? SSL Decrypted ? SOAP over HTTPS ? XML over HTTPS ?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

JSON (and SOAP, and XML, etc) is a message format, not a network protocol, so canonical answer can't be given:-)

In reality, JSON messages are typically sent over HTTP, rarely over different protocols (like MQ). So it's highly probable you will need an HTTP analyzer if traffic is unencrypted, or HTTPS if it's encrypted (and then you'll also needs to obtain the server's private SSL key).

I tried with SSL Decrypted. I have got the server's private SSL key, so i should decrypt the traffic.

It is configured on 2002 port (not 443)

The lapp commande gives :

"SOFTWARE_SERVICE" "dssl" s:2368 sb:5457283 cb:1854095 sp:15680 cp:22343 ud:32 e:549 dcr:0 pg:0

The ssldecr status command fail :

rcmd 'show ssldecr status X.X.X.X 2002'
/usr/adlex/rtm/bin/rcmd: line 140: printf: 0x: invalid hex number

In the dashboard, I have a number for the operations metrique (more than 200k), but they
are all aggregated in the "all other operations" operation. I can not see the detail...

Looks like a Support call candidate, please open one.

printf: 0x: invalid hex number

is not something expected...