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Why am I missing link utilisation values?



I'm trying to build a site landing page using incoming and outgoing utilisation; however, I'm missing the value for most of my links. I should mention this is all based on netflow data.

Anyone know why the missing values? Also, how do I set the link speed manually (for the link and not from the site definition)?



Hi Matt

Probably your NF records don't contain the speed. Have you used the same NF sources Before with another version of DCRUM?

If nothing is displayed here, no links have been defined or detected from NetFlow records (if NetFlow data acquisition is enabled). Either create user-defined links (UDL) or inspect the NetFlow record feed configuration.

The only other way I can Think of is going through the sites and create a UDL.

Ahhhh! I'm almost guaranteeing the NF record doesn't have the link speed. A quick Google tells me to enter in the following:

Enter global configuration mode on the router or MSFC, and issue the following commands for each interface on which you want to enable NetFlow:

interface {interface} {interface_number}

ip route-cache flow

bandwidth <kbps>