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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Why are # of Software Services different between RUM Console and the SS drop down box in Business Units?



My apologies, I have a very rookie question here. I have just taken over the DCRUM environment here and If I go into the RUM Console --> Manage Software Services. I see 33 defined Software services. However, if I go into the CAS --> Business Units --> Select Application --> Add Rule, in the "Select Software Service" drop down box, I have 3091 Software Services.

Does the drop down box contain older no longer existing Software Services? I'm just trying to understand why there soo many listed here.

Thank you for your help,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Tom,

I see the same in my environment. Those are most likely old software services that have probably been deleted. Shouldn't cause any issues. @Sebastian Kruk Are there any plans of cleaning up old software services from the Business Units drop down?

I can only confirm that we are aware of that issue and that it is in our backlog. I can't however confirm whether we will manage to get it improved in the upcoming major release. Currently we are considering moving business units configuration over to RUM Console and this problem would be fix as part of that change.

Please check where we will publish any update on that subject.

I checked with the Lab and we could provide a solution (most likely in the upcoming release) to that problem by showing only active (present in RUM console configuration) software services.

There is one downside: currently users can import business units with rules based on non-existing software services. If we introduce the aforementioned change rules based on such non-existing software services not be modifiable.

Our recommendation would be to go ahead with such change unless you can provide some insights why it would not work for you.