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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Why do I have a high percentage of SSL errors


In the RUM Console, under SSL Status its showing a high percentage of SSL errors. I wrote a report against CAS data by software services and included SSL errors. This shows a couple of software services with SSL errors but I need more information so I can determine what is the RC of the errors. Any suggestions?


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hello Bob,

SSL errors can have multiple reasons e.g. not supported ciphers, Key Matching etc...

The AMD provides a wide range of diagnostic information and tools that can help you resolve issues with SSL monitoring.

The following link is to understand and troubleshooting basic SSL monitoring issues, so before going deep down and asking you to send more information, just go through once with this document.



When I run a CAS report, the total number of SSL errors is < 1% of the total Operations or SSL Handshakes (so looking at this information it does not appear that I have any issues to be worried about) . When I look at the health information in the RUM Console, SSL Status is usually between 15-30%. What factors into the SSL Status in the RUM Console that accounts for the difference? I know that I have a couple of apps where some of the clients randomly offer Diffie-Hellman cipher so those operations are skipped. In the CAS report, those applications show zero SSL errors. Is it possible that the RUM Console SSL Status factors in the operations attempting to use Diffie-Hellman, while they are not shown in the CAS reports since they are not a true operation as far as DC RUM is concerned.

Hello Bob,

You can check all the possible questions about Diffie-Hellman and also check the supported, unsupported and partially/conditionally supported cipher suits RCON Commands.

To check the reasons of Sessions with Errors and Sessions not Analyzed solution SSL Decryption.