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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Why does DCRUM alerting table during fixpack?


We experienced long time for apply SP5 and SP7 of DCRUM. From install log, we see a lot of table level operations. My impression is those typically happens on release upgrade. Do I miss something? BTW, the production is working properly after apllied those Service Pack.




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

This is very likely that it was caused by DB size.

Please share CAS -> Tools -> Diagnostics -> System status page, section: Database Info module -> CAS object

The complete upgrade process took us 6 hours and 30 minutes. CSS,RUM Console and CAS cost us around 50 minutes. That is acceptable. But ADS database upgrade took us over 5 hours.

From my observation, it took around 20 minutes for each ItiPageData.

And more than 2 hours just for updating RtmMemory 47.

When I click DB status, there is no tablegroup showing up. That happens both on CAS and ADS.

CAS and ADS looks begin to process data now.



Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi Yc Ma

This is standard procedure. Although there should be no schema changes, there are sets of sql operaitons, depening on releases & service packs, which are carried out during such installation.

So in short - the length of upgrade / SP installation mainly relies on the database content, and the operations you were asking about, do not bring any significant impact on the time that installation utilized.

Best Regards

Adam Tryba

Thanks for answer. But it did alter the schema.



The general rule is not to change the schema in SP upgrades. Unfortunately there was a network time related issue in 12.3 that forced us to add netT column to some tables in SP release. As it visible in 5.png this operation increases the time of SP upgrade.

Thank you for the answer. Is that table alerting specific for SP7 or any Service Pack of 12.3? I ask this is because we apply SP7 to a SP5 server. I assume SP5 has already altered the table.

Some background here. What I post here was a upgrade for testing environment. I need estimate time for upgrading of production.

Thanks again


Hi Yc Ma,

I wasn't precised in my previous comment. The whole story is more complicated. We actually added network time columns to all necessary tables in CAS in 12.3.0. The changes where made because the calculation method had changed and had been moved to AMD. It turned out that there is an issue with network time values for the data processed before the upgrade to 12.3. In 12.3.5 some additional updates are being made during the installation. Unfortunately that didn't solve the whole case. The final fix has been made in 12.3.7 and the problematic column is added to one tables family in ADS during the SP 7 installation.

So I'm sorry to inform you that upgrading ADS to SP7 from SP5 will take longer then usual SP installation. That shouldn't be the case for CAS if its 12.3.5.

Thanks, Tomasz. That helps a lot.