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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

Will Synthetic data gone after CAS database purge?



My CAS is currently feeding data from AMD, Synthetic Private Enterprise as well as APMaaS.

Due to site cache keep increasing, Helpdesk suggest disable "automatic sites" to ignore all non-user define sites. However, my concerns is what happen if CAS database purged. My current storage period settings is 32 days.

I understand CAS will re-read those zdata from AMD (32 days), but how about SYPE and APMaaS performance data? Anyone knows where those data stores and will it re-read to CAS?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


First of all we need to make sure which storage period we're referring to ...

CAS has 4 different *_STORAGE_PERIOD setting on http://CAS/DiagConsole#/sp page that control how long CAS will keep raw (non-aggregated) data for different data sources. What are values of these properties in your case?

I believe you refer to CAS storage period that is different that storage period of data kept on data sources. For AMD data it's 10 days by default, for SYPE it's 8 or 9 days, for Gomez a bit less.

If you purge CAS DB you will loose all raw and aggregated data and CAS will re-read 10 days of AMD data, 8-9 days of SyM and for Gomez what has been generated in \gpn_samples directory of CAS.

Why are you purging your DB?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply. I need to purge CAS DB because I need disable automatic sites -- CAS config will be changed.

The reason I want disable automatic sites because the site cache keep increasing, helpdesk recommend disable automatic sites so site cache limit won't growth too far and I also want to keep the database size below 300GB.

However, I need to keep 32 days of daily performance data for business purpose. So I wonder how to keep those historical data after DB was purged. AMD datacleaner.config already change to keep 32 days zdata but not sure how to keep the raw data for Synthetic and Gomez data sources.

Attached is the current storage period settings, kindly advise if I configure it correctly. Thanks a lot.





Found the SYPE data store location on SYPE Manager.

C:\ProgramData\Compuware\Synthetic Monitoring\Data\DBVAS



DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

In case data was not processed right, due to circumstances. Can this data be re-inserted?
Say due to a situation the day before theere is a gap 9-18 hour in CAS reports.
The data was received however, but not picked up by CAS.

There is no option to re-fill past gaps in data on CAS.

You can only purge the DB, loose entire history and re-read all the data files that has left on the data source (AMD/ESym).

and what if the database was restored to before the moment of the gap?

Right, then if you have the data files present from the time of gap + the next intervals you can fix it this way.


Thanks Guys.

I'm afraid the above won't work in my situation coz' I also plan to upgrade it to 12.3.6 from 12.3.2,

the database scheme are different, am I correct?

Are you sure you need to purge the DB?


Thanks Adam. My situation is a bit complex, wish to hear more suggestion from you.

Currently I already disabled the "automatic sites" and without purge the database. It works fine for quite a long time.

I'll move the CAS to a brand new hardware, and hopefully with 12.4 or above. So it is a new database and data-source will be re-read but lost all old performance data.


Install 12.3.2 on the new machine, copy the old database to it then upgrade it to 12.4? 😉

Does it make sense?

The only difference is if you want to keep historical data. I bet you do, so second option is the only to keep the history and move to the new hardware + upgrade.


Thanks Adam.