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Would Digital Signature Expired Cause traffic not decypted in SSL Monitoring?


Would the expiration of Digital Signature (instead of Server Certificate expiration) cause the traffic to all appear black in DCRUM?

There is this software service that use the decode OracleFormsOverHTTPS and I get a close-to-zero-availability, instead of absoulte-zero or close-to-hundred availablity on the SoftwareService. Turns out that when I break down to operation, only 'all other' are not decrypted, although oddly enough some are still manage to be reported:

Of course this would most probably nothing to do with SSL key right? But anyway I've performed all the SSL basic troubleshooting steps. Results are key 'matched' (not 'okay' or just 'found'), cert isn't expired yet, cipher used is supported by AMD, and decode/analyzer used is of course correct.

So today I finally got the chance to ask one of their end-user to show me how they launch/use it. Here are the screenshots:

1. Go to web browser to type in the page, then java window pop out. Noticed the warning message states digital signature has errors.

2. And so I clicked on show cert details. The next 3 screenshots show the info of each entry in the certificate path/chain. Only one entry is not expired:

3. Yet another screenshot of the error message, if this would be helpful to any of you who've read my question:

4. FInally, other than looking at the cert chain of this...Oracle Java, I also do look at the server certificate of the website when we first type in the website URL in web browser (so that we can launch the oracle form), and this is what I get----looks good:


Wai Keat


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Please find the IP addresses of the servers that defines this Software Service and then log in to the AMD and execute the following command for each IP address:

rcmd show ssldecr status X.X.X.X

where X.X.X.X is the server IP address and provide output.

Hi Adam,

Here is the screenshot: