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backup AMD with TSM agent



I would like to ask if it is possible installing a TSM agent (Tivoli Store Manager) in AMD machine to backup the whole AMD directories. Is it consistent with support?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

We neither support nor specifically don't support having the TSM agent on the AMD. It may cause performance problems beyond our control, and if it does, the only supported remedy would be removing it.

We also don't generally recommend a complete system backup of the AMD; the RUM Console's configuration export is all that really needs to be used for restoring, as the majority of the rest of the configuration is hardware/OS install specific and not reliably consistent between OS installations (like NIC interface names) or generally considered too sensitive to be included in normal backup procedures (the private keys for SSL/TLS decryption).

In my own tests, I found it significantly faster to wipe the host and reinstall the OS and AMD software and then restore the RUM Console's configuration export than to restore a complete system backup after catastrophic failure.

-- Erik