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Resolved! memory leak issues in AMD DCRUM v2017

Good afternoon friends. We have an amd with memory leak problems, always in the morning from Monday to Friday. When it happens we have to restart the rtmhs process, with the loss of traffic that this entails. Have you ever had this problem? Thank you...

Identifying traffic from Crawler Bots

Hi, we monitor a large retail web site and the client requires to filter out traffic from crawler bots such as Yahoo, Googlebot and slurp. Obviously we could do this by IP address but there seems to be a lot of IP addresses to add and these may chang...

smcvey by Newcomer
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Resolved! SSO: SAML and NAM 2018 step by step

Hi, now that Single-Sign-On (SSO) is supported in NAM 2018, I wonder if someone can provide a step by step implementation guide to hook up with a SAML (2.0) type of SSO environment.Including the info back and forth required by/from the SSO team. Who ...

Sections Overlapping Issue

Dear All,We have the subject issue with the Helth dashboard/Apps health dashboard.How to fix it?Regards,Babar

Resolved! Flow Sources not showing my NetApp/AppFlow devices.

There are no Devices showing on the Flow Sources tab in the NAM Console. Here is what I know. I have confirmed the configuration in the NetScaler that it is setup to send traffic to the AMD.The appropriate ports are open in my Firewall.My license all...

Resolved! Support for SAP HANA

Hi, I have a question from customer how we support SAP HANA as a DB for SAP applications like ERP, CRM or BW?Do we support it like any other DB with a database decode?Thanks,Jiri

DCRUM 12.4 SAP monitroing guide

Hello,After several experiences with SAP monitoring project, I have gathered all the elements in a guide:dcrum-124-sap-monitoring.pdfAny feedback is welcome to improve the document.Best regards, Antoine

Resolved! Equation for Metric "Application Performance" (Citrix)?

Hello, How exactly do we calculate the DMI metric "Application Performance" for Citrix (DC RUM 12.4.6)? According to the following slide here, DC RUM uses Throughput, RTT and Retransmission for calculating Application Performance. Would it be possibl...

Resolved! Reporting internet and intranet users

Hi guys,can you suggest me a good way how to create a report on the number of internet and intranet users accessing a software service?Background: we'd like to know, if a particular application is accessed by more users from the internet then from th...

Fake idle time at HTTP

Hello, everyone.I've been trying to resolve it myself for a couple of month, but finally reached a deadlock. So I rise my question here.For some HTTP(S) software services DCRUM intermittently detects abnormally high "idle time". Experimental validati...

Resolved! Are there any known problems with switching to taps if the taps are placed on a single port that forwards data to an IXIA component that distributes the filtered data to the probes?

The TAPs would be installed in one port channel. The traffic is then received by an IXIA component, filtered and forwarded to the probes.Are there any known problems with this setup?Because the traffic can arrive on more than one interface, there cou...