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cannot access button "show option" in operation explorer from the cas



When I browse the Operation (Operation Explorer) in the CAS server, I can't see the edit button in the screen in order to edit a report. My colleague (from which the printscreen has been taken) see well this button. We're using the same browsers and it seems to be linked to the user. Typically, when I logon on his machine, I can't see anymore this button. Any idea about this issue. See the attach file for more precies view.

Kind regards



@Gildas F.

I am still learning, but I believe if you go to the upper right corner of the report screen and click on the button with the 3 dots

you can then click the "Toggle editing" button.

Thanks and God bless,


As of 12.4.10 "buttons" for editing report at the section level are hidden by default not to distract regular users. You can enable those by clicking "Toggle editing" from the [...] menu in the upper-right corner.

You can also toggle those buttons with a keystroke: Shift+Alt+Ctrl (Command on Mac) + E.

I hope that helps.


Hello Genesius, Sebastian,

Thanks a lot for your answers. It works fine now, very useful. Have a nice day.

Community Team
Community Team

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