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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

combine move and upgrade


I want to move and upgrade a 12.0.2 to 12.3.1 environment. (no ADS). So I wanted to do a fresh install  css/cas/console and do a database upgrade separate. Afterwords replace and start DCRUM. Can this be done? 

Plain english, can I separate the software upgrade from de database upgrade?

Advantages, it saves downtime, (and can run while database is upgraded), and have i have fall-back and I can combine and move in one save action,


KR Henk Stobbe

Aos Groningen




save must be safe (-;

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


Supported and the safest way is to install 12.0.2 on destination machine(s), replace configuration and databases with backups made from original setup and run upgrade in destination system. Old will run until you verify new one is fine. 

Alternatively you can just install RUM Console, it's all about just adding devices in the end and rereading the configuration from all devices - that's easy part. For CAS you can install 12.3.2, create dummy DB, restore 12.0.2 and run RunServer.bat - M script to upgrade it. The problem is that such approach was not tested, however should work. The other thing is all configuration kept in configuration files. These won't be upgraded using the script and can be either just restored if the format has not changed or made one again if there were changes. But AFAIR most should work. 

The problem might be with CSS. The easiest would be to just install it and configure from scratch but I understand it might not be best way for you. If so I would have to find out if CSS has similar way upgrading jus DB and get back to you. 

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

... and for CSS it turns out to be even easier, just connect CSS 12.3 to older DB and it will do the DB upgrade by itself ...

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Also if later old and new CAS will be getting together in the same farm please edit output of:

select * from userproperties where propertyName = 'SERVER_UUID'

on the new CAS and change at lease one letter/number so the two CAS DBs have different IDs.







I will get back to you,


KR Henk



I want to upgrade CAS from 12.0.3 to 12.4.Can you please describe me in step by step process from where I need to start?


Community Team
Community Team

Hi Kaushik,

See Upgrade Paths:

  1. Upgrade directly to latest available service pack revision of 12.2 release.
  2. Upgrade from 12.2.x to latest available service pack revision of 12.3 release.
  3. Upgrade from 12.3.x to latest available service pack revision of 12.4 release.

Check also the Upgrading CAS chapter in our docs for details.



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