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data access for group - massive configurations


I have 20 groups and about 130 monitored applications; I need to assign a subset of applications in each group, but working on the web interface is a lengthy process, also in this way the results are difficult to verify.
As with site/area/region, where I can bypass the web interface and directly work on "" file, there is a way to work in the same way within a file and create the configuration of data access for groups?

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I understand the use case, but currently we don't have plans to deliver that in the upcoming release. However, if this idea would gets more traction we will definitely reconsider it.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Sebastian, Dept. Human Services (Aus) has a similar set up, relying on LDAP providing the user/group associations, and DAP providing the mandated filtering, they are in early stages of configuring the DAP groupings, but are looking at ~300 applications, and potentially as many groups.