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delay in data processing raise alert



When I have a delay in data processing on the CAS, how can I create an alert when this happens?

KR Henk


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Here are two examples how you can configure LOW_OPER_4_SYS_MOD alert:

  1. The alarm is used only for detecting delays:

    1. Output Filters should be set to: Module = Data Processing and Sub-module= Delay:

    2. Propagation settings should be set as follows:

    3. Such alert will be sent every time the delay will be > 15
      minutes and continue to alert as long as the delay will get back under
      15 minutes.
  2. The alarm is used for any issues reported on http://CAS-IP/modulestatus report:

    1. No filters are specified:

    2. But the notification for particular user are filtered for particular Module and Sub-module

      This way few users can receive notifications about few different issues.

If you want to alert multiple persons about different issues it's also possible:

  1. Leave the alert unfiltered on Output Filters tab,
  2. Move forward to the notifications,
  3. Pick the user and edit its notifications,
  4. In Define an e-mail message subject use the hardcoded Subject and enhance it with variables:

    This will set up the subject base on the filters that will be configured for each user.
  5. You can also add multiple notifications per user if you decide he
    should be alerted not only about delay but also about something else:

    We cannot duplicate this alarm thus above user-related configuration of single alarm.


Very happy with your answer, thx!

KR Henk