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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

dimensionFilter Synthetic - 12.3 (custom) reports not changed after 12.4 migration

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

CAS 12.4 uses dimensionFilter "Enterprise Synthetic", where 12.3 uses dimensionFilter "Synthetic".

Existing CAS 12.3 reports (sections) that have dimensionFilter 'Synthetic', are not converted to the new


This would mean all reports need to be adapted manually? Cumbersome, because some customers have a long list of such reports.

An export/import does not solve this either.

From Database:

SELECT TOP 1000 [row_id]
FROM [CAS].[dbo].[LSEntry] where params like '%>Synthetic</dimensionFilter>%'

I can run a SQL statement to do the update on the database. This would require also the CAS to be restarted. Perhaps there are other ways to accomplish this?


Community Team
Community Team

Hi Frans,

In 12.4, we renamed "Synthetic" to "Enterprise Synthetic" to avoid confusion. We'll double-check the filter behavior after the upgrade and get back to you.



Keep calm and build Community!

Thanks, Karolina.

DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Received response from support that, unfortunately, built-in reports were updated in 12.4, however there is no mechanism to upgrade user-defined reports. Which would mean a manual update of the definitions.

We have tested successfully a database query approach, as stated below.

A backup of the LSEntry table beforehand is necessary.

In theory, REPORT REREAD command can be used, but best to proceed with a restart to make the changes active in the CAS. Update: REPORT REREAD did not refresh the definitions. After a RELOAD DASHBOARD (Reload report data from database) they were.

Best if the whole operation is done with CAS stopped.

The database command to update all 12.3 reports with Synthetic as dimension filter:

UPDATE [dbo].[CAS].[LSEntry]
SET params = REPLACE(params, '>Synthetic</dimensionFilter', '>Enterprise Synthetic</dimensionFilter')
where params like '%>Synthetic</dimensionFilter>%'

# optional with the name of a report to test:
and name = ' Test SLM RUM Applications'

Note that this query will not change complex filters like

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