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dmi report save filter lost


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when I create or update existing DMI reports, I regurarly experience that changes made are getting lost. Today I was working on a report with a collegue, where we both noticed the same. So no missed saving be me, but the system behaving very strange.

One example is in useroverview, I define a filter on client Ip Address <> 192.169.* (excluding local ip-addresses). After saving the report and even logoff from DCRUM (to avoid cached objects), I open same report and filter is not applied. Still when I look into report definition, the filter is there.

Please find attached the report and the configurations with filter on client ip.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong ? Why are changes that are saved getting lost again ?




Try to click on the "blue information bubble" right from the filter field in the report definition. It is possible that there is another/old filter listed, if this is the case please clear it. I remember that we had problems with filters that were not saved from time to time, too, where we had to clear the "old" filter.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Ralph is correct, in the blue bubbles to the right of the filter field, there are filters that have been applied the the report automatically, usually from drilldowns. You will need to clear these (option available when clicking on blue bubble) and leave your filters in the filter field, to get the data that you are looking for.

This caught me out several times when I started using the new DMI report configuration layout.


-Matt Lewis

Correct, the way DMI works is that the report you create (and save) is kind of a template or a starting point. Only filters that are explicitly visible in the editor are saved, not the actual current state of the report.

Therefore, if you land on that report drilling down from some other or you have applied filters by selecting a row in the table (or a series in chart, a point in UD) - those filters will be applied to the report template you defined. If you want to save them (currently), you need to go to editor and in in the blue icons select option "copy" that will copy current filter value to the report definition.

We are actually thinking about enabling users to choose whether to save the report state or report definition at the save dialog. But it has not been committed for delivery yet.


Thank you for the hints, I will see if I get further with this.

Since yesterday, by magic (?) the blue bubble disapeared.
Still I have my doubts about Filter beeing part of the definition or not.
In this case, a list of users is created, including info on number of operations, to be able to detect sitescanners. In the list, you normally also find some internal ip-addresses (192.186...) that should not be included in the report. So for me, this is a part of the report definition and not a filter that can be reset by the user.

So now my question is : is there an other way to filter data as part of the report definition, so customers using the report can not influence that filter.



You can set the filter as fixed. This way no drill downs or user actions well overwrite it. You can also hide filter definition.


Hi all!

I'm experience almost the same issue. I've create the report with drilldown to custom report and some color rendering in metrics, save dashboard, and after some time all changes goes back.

I have this issue only with one dashboard\report

Please suggest

@Janusz D. Maybe Janusz can help here

Vlad, I have never experienced problem like this. What does it mean you saved dashboard ? Maybe you saved report with different name and drill-down leads you to the original report ?