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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

exclude client abort error


I am trying to exclude HTTP error where the client aborts the connection from availability calculation. The response is a 400 and hit status is client abort, the first component in the screenshot below. I only want to exclude client abort, not dead or break aborts (from

My guess is that I would exclude it using HTTP Custom Client errors 1 (4xx), but how to specify that I only want client aborts?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Jiri

A 400 return code shouldn't be treated as a client abort. A client abort is when we see a RST packet coming from the client before the server has rsponded. Please see here

A HTTP 400 is a bad request meaning that something the client sent the server didn't like. As yoursis linked to a search i imagine the user may have searched for a special character or something the server didn't like.

Normally i would advise against filtering something like this as you are masking what is actually happening to the end users. I would first suggest you try to establish why this is happening and resolve it.

Failing that if you want to remove it the following should work (although i have not tested it)

By default all client 4xx errors are counted against availability if they are for the base component. If you remove this setting it will remove all the 4xx errors. So what you should be able to do is this.

Go to your global AMD settings.

Add the 4xx errors you still want to count against availability to the HTTP Client errors Cat 1 group. This can be found under Global>Front-End Monitoring>Web>HTTP>Errors

Save and publish this.

Then go to your software service and define a static url for any you wish to change. Under the availability tab untick the inherit from rule setting for transport failures, set HTTP Client errors (4xx) to disabled and ensure that the unathorized, not found and client erros cat 1 are all set to Base component(monitored url only).

Hope this works 😉