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extract SOAP Attributes


i got a requirement from development to extract operation attributes from Soap XML.

i edited Software serves an added Operation attributes:

search : request

tag: partnerKriterien

pattern : iswildcard

in a first step we just want to Count the occurances of the values.

But i can't see any changes in my reports. where should i see the results. do i have to build a new customized Report ?


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Tahir

At a CAS level operational attributes are a count of occurrences. There are a set of metrics called operational attribute (1-5). If you add these to your DMI you should see them. At an ADS level if enabled, it can report the actual value of the operation attribute. In this case it is a dimension.

You should however be careful as by default in the SOAP analyzer we use the operational attributes to track application failures. Therefore when an operation attribute is defined, it overrides the SOAP fault related to a specific bucket - which are:
1: VersionMismatch
2: MustUnderstand
3: DataEncodingUnknown
4: Sender / Server
5: Receiver / Client




Hi Alasdair,

i am not sure if i am on the right path :

this is what i configured:

pattern seems to be optional value so i left it blank.

Editing my dmi Report there is no such think like operational Attribute

What is going wrong.

Thank you for your Support.


Hi Tahir,

sorry that I imply this - without having a detailed look to your configuration - but is it possible that you just made a typo while searching for the metrics ?

The search string should be "Operation attributes ..."


The DMI of the SOAP Software Service has no such metric in my Configuration.

strange ... which CAS data view do you use ?


Version Number is 12.3.5

oh, you finally did an update 🙂

But which Data View do you use for your DMI report ?



Hi Ralph 🙂

it is


should be a metric !

but same result !!!

My last thought was that you possibly choosed just to show your favourite metrics/dimensions. But obviously the "star symbol" would be colored in yellow in this case.

I am at my wit's end an believe you probably need a real expert to help.


here is e second way to manage opeartion attributes : Software Service wizard.

result can be verified by amd traffic. in this case i just see 6 of the 180 webservices we have so i am unable to configuere the Attribute by the wizard.

Any ideas how to get the desired Webservice available here.


I managed to create a new trace an configure the right attributes

But i still do not have a idea how to get them into a Report

If I Change data view to operation data there is a metric Operation attributes. but this seems to to be what i want ( error attributes)

Tried the same in ADS but there also only wrong attributes available.

Any Ideas ?