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how to check SSL traffic (certificate)

Hello there,

loaded the PEM certificate on AMD, I would like to verify the traffic and look for a specific software service which certificate is used.

Thanks in advanced




Ciao Giuseppe,

you'll find all the needed information here:

In particular what you're looking for is:

How can I check whether SSL decryption is functioning properly?

  • To see full status information about the current SSL operation, execute the ssldecr status (SHOW SSLDECR STATUS for Classic AMD) rcon command. For more information, see SSLDECR STATUS (SHOW SSLDECR STATUS for Classic AMD).
  • To see historical information about SSL decryption, open the /var/log/adlex/rtm_perf.log file. Output from the ssldecr statuscommand is written there every monitoring interval (default: 5 minutes).
  • When viewing CAS reports, note the number of SSL errors reported. In particular, if the error breakdown information shows a large number of “Other SSL errors”, this indicates that SSL decryption errors are a problem.

Hope that helps.

Ciao, Raff

PS this would be even better in your case (certs breakdown by server):

show ssldecr servers

For the High Speed AMD there are less commands currently available, however the two commands below are very helpful. first ssldecr status will give general status of all SSL decryption, and by adding the IP address of the server you want to validate you will see decryption statistics for that server.

ssldecr status

ssldecr status

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

If you're at 12.4, you can also have a look at Secure traffic diagnostics report.

ciao Raffaele,

thank you very much for the prompt reply, that's just what I was looking for.