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http error category 3


which are http errors type categorized in category 3 ?

where is the settings of category 3?


Community Team
Community Team

Hi Roberto,

According to our docs, the
AMD is able
to deliver information on seven HTTP error groups (“categories”), five of which have
configurable contents:

  • HTTP Authentication errors (default: 401 and
  • HTTP Not Found errors (default: 404)
  • HTTP Custom Client errors 1 (4xx)
  • HTTP Custom Server errors 1 (5xx)
  • HTTP Custom Server errors 2 (5xx).

The two remaining groups contain HTTP errors that
do not fall into any of the above categories: HTTP Other Client errors (4xx) and HTTP Other Server
errors (5xx).

As the result of the assignment, the
CAS reports
the HTTP errors using ten different metrics. HTTP client errors - category 3 (default name) is the number of HTTP custom client errors (4xx) and, by default, there is no specific
error type assigned here.

Keep calm and build Community!


Hi karolina, i have 620 http client error (category 3) ? but i do know.....why and which type http error...

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Roberto, apparently there's some inconsistency in the UI. Category 1 in the RUM Console is the Category 3 in DMI. According to your configuration, the HTTP client errors (category 3) metric counts all 400, 403 and 408 errors. I'm submitting this to development and we'll fix the labels ASAP.


ok. i have understand the problem. In DMI report type table non exist metric with name HTTP client errors (category 3) but instead in type chart-report exists . ok i attend the fix