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internet Geo location site



I need to create a dashboard with the geo location of internet clients : Continent/country
So i'm trying to create sites in the Rum Console this way :
Regions = Internet
Areas = Continent
Sites = Country

I have found this old forum question talking about geolite as source for the IP address.
I transformed the geolite2 data in a DCRUM compatible format (which is not documented in DCRUM's documentation. The section of the admin guide is not fully documented)
But DC-RUM seems to not be able to import my file because my IP address range is to big.

Has anyone already done this kind of import/dashboard ? Can you provide us a feedback or help ?



Hi Richard!

Did you do this by yourself?

Have you applied the

update and didn't it help?

How does it work?

We need the whole Internet IP ranges for all countries and continents.

This doesn't seem to fit the need...

Yes Sandrine, it will work.

It will not be a precision instrument as there's a constant merger and spin off activity in the allocated IP field and the records are Always a bit delyed. But the right way to go is the Geobytes site. Unfortunately Dynatrace and DCRUM uses two different sourcees/formats, but with a little bit of nice scripting, any source should work.

Yes Ulf, I transformed the geolite2 data by my self.

I updated the asn and bgp zip file, but it does'nt change anything.

I noticed the country information in the How can we get this information in our DCRUM dashboards ?

How does Geobytes work ?

Hi Richard.

If you don't get the results you desire I suggest you open a ticket for that.

The mapping of IP against ASN and BGP is one of the older features in DC-RUM and "should" still work. It' a bit picky though, with the format of the files.

Please post if you discover something that is not in the manual 🙂