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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

is there a way to find ISP with AS numbers in DCRUM/NAM


Hello there,

we are currently having problems with one of the ISP from where clients access the company services. I'd like to see that using DCRUM, but with the current configuration we see in client site the AS number.

is there anyway to configure dcrum to se the ISP? or any other method?




Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Yes, it's possible, but it requires to have automatic sites enabled based on either CIDR or AS numbers.

Users can also be aggregated to 'Client from CIDR block' or 'Client from ASN'.

With these settings you can then easily retrieve the ASN names & numbers or even deeper - CIDR blocks associated with ASNs. The ASN locations will also be displayed on the built-in reports (Home->Network->Locations view). See doc page for user & location reporting settings in CAS for details.



thanks for the response. I do have enabled automatic sites as AS numbers. My problems is here in my country wouldn't be more than 10 ISP's, but the AS numbers are a lot more than that. According to my knowledge, 1 ISP may include several AS's (Am' i right?). That's the grouping I'm looking for.


Yes, big ISPs may have many ASNs assigned. With client IPs aggregation to ASNs (site level), the ASN sites belonging to the same ISP should be automatically groupped into ISP area (one level up) with the Area name = ISP name and then all these areas will be grouped to one Internet region. Run a simple DMI report to show client location area and region and see if works the way designed on your end.

Mr, Przemyslaw,

that's exactly what I was looking for!!

thank you very much

best regards,


You are welcome 🙂