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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

moving synthetic robots to DMZ


Our enterprise synthetic console version is, we have a CAS 12.04 as well.

we want to move some individual synthetic agents (robots) to a DMZ cause right now they are passing by proxy and that is impacting the total time we want to measure.

so it is possible to have 5 agents in default port (9016) and 5 other agents in a different port(443) communicating to the same console?



Hello Robert,

To my understanding, you should be able to have your agents connect while using the two separate ports. The limitation is that each agent only communicates on one port so as long as you are not trying to configure an agent to have both ports open you should be fine.

You can enable secure communication in the agent general tab. The default port for secure traffic is 9017 but you can enter 443 instead.

You will also need to manually change the configured port in the xml file. Here are the instructions for doing that:


David Nicholls

ty for your help! we did this but have an issue with our security guys, they ask to use a local account and not the domain account in the agent. So now we have the trouble on how to use an agent outside the domain with a local account, from an agent manager that it is in a domain? we need to be outside in DMZ to be able to navigate without proxy, but how we manage the credentials now that we are not in a domain?

thanks again!


@ robert p.

Could you please provide more details on what kind of
credentials you have difficulty managing.

Thank you,


the database credentials used for this new agents were not the same as it was a new install, once we change it to production credentials it start to work. we noticed the logs health from the agent with the error.