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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

overlapping IP address



I was configuring a new Software Service in the RUM Console and received the following error message when configuring the Service Details window.

"Software service <name> contains a service with overlapping IP address and port range."

I believe this error means that there is another service previously configured that is using these sockets. Before I dig around to find this Software Service, are there Best Practices for doing this? Once I find this service, what information should I request from the client to make the new service unique so I can add it to the RUN Console?

I searched the Internet, the 12.3 Documentation, and the forums, but was unable to find any information concerning this error.

Please help.

Thanks and God Bless,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Create simple DMI report with Server IP address, Server port and Software Service dimensions and you will find where the IP you're trying to configure already belongs to ...

Thanks @adam piotrowicz.

I found the conflict. I am figuring I should ask my client for more specific details; i.e., Operations, Modules, Tasks, something that will make this Software Service unique. The current one is configured as:

  • Service = All other
  • Operation = All other operations
  • Module = All other
  • Task = All other

It would probably assist them and me if I give them a definition of each.

Besides what is in the manuals, are there any cheat sheets that you recommend?

Thanks and God bless,



Changing details of Software Service won't resolve it.

It's as simple as: you cannot configure two Software Services with overlapping server IPs and ports, nothing else is being checked.

@Adam Piotrowicz

Therefore if I have a server, which is running multiple websites, there is no way to monitor these as separate applications for separate customers?

  • Timesheet to Payroll
  • Job requests to Personnel
  • Purchase orders to Sales

I can't configure an URL, or some other identifier?

Thanks and God bless,


And all 3 applications are on the same server IP and port?

Either ways we will have solution, but please confirm ...

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hey Genesius,

What I generally do in this type of situation is create the software service that has the shared applications.
In this case I usually use the naming convention of [servername]_[analyzer/decode], ie: WINDCA001_HTTP. This allows me to then split out the unique application parts in the Business Units section of the CAS while using this one Software Service. I do this by adding an application (Timesheet to Payroll), adding a rule so I can use my software service (WINAK001_HTTP), and in the 'Label' section, I can put in the URL, or 'Operation' that applies to the Timesheet to Payroll application, maybe:*

I repeat this process for each of the additional apps sitting on the same software service.


Hi @Genesius Jaromsky,

We have a similar problem and user Business units parameter in the CAS to solve it.

Set one Software service for the server you are wanting to monitor

Then in the CAS, go to "Settings" > "Business Units"

Add an Application and set the Label with the url for the first application :

The create another application, using the same software service and set the URL for this second application in Label.

Here you are, you have 2 distinct applications with only one Software Service.

I hope this helps.



I was just writing up this exact response when you posted! Only thing to add is that in this case, if it is a new software service, I usually use the naming convention <ServerName>_<Analyzer> ei: WINAK001_HTTP, as it relates to more than one application.

If it is related to a software service that has been defined for some time, I just leave the name, so we maintain continuity for the data in the CAS around that software service.

Good post.

@Sandrine Mouillac

Apologies for the delay in getting back to thank you for your response.

Thanks and God Bless,