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problem installing mRHEL 6.5 with kickstart file



I'm trying to install RHEL 6,5 with kickstart file, like I always have been.

the process goes well, all packages are installed and finally the system said that I need to reboot to complete the installation.

after the reboot the screen freezes in black with a flushing cursor in the left upper corner and stay that way forever.


if I install SO using GUI there is no problem, but a lot of packages are missing when trying install AMD software.


ring any bells?


thank you very much,




Sounds like a partitioning issue for you boot drive and a conflict between what the kickstart is expecting to see.

Have had the same problem in the past with unusual hardware/VM environments.

You will need to look closely at the kickstart file to see what it is expecting and resolve that issue before continuing if you want to use the kickstart install method. Else doing it the manual way will mean a step by step dependence resolution process if you do not have a RHEL support license installed.





Hi Robert,

thanks for sharing your experience. I will try your advices.


Best Regards,



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Another idea to check.

If it's a newer server, be sure the boot/BIOS mode is NOT 'EFI'.  I don't think the kickstart script will support that.



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Patricio,

There is a workaround solution.

You can install the RedHat OS with the GUI and then resolve the dependencies with the RedHat distribution DVD. Once you have copied the installation binary file and mounted the DVD, you can launched the command:

./upgrade.bin --install-deps-from-url file://mnt/server , where /mnt is the DVD mounting folder

Then you can install the AMD application with:


Hope it can help.