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"DataCenter" mean for Primary reason for slowness and operation time


I use DC-RUM nearly.

From .

What is "Data center" mean in the document and it including what detail item?

Thank for your help.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Bug in documentation, reasons listed under data center should be under the network. We will fix it. Thanks for spotting this.

Hello @Kris Z.

The same information is reflecting in the 12.3 and 12.4 documentations also.



Thank you @Kris Z.

I konw the website list the primary reason that cause slow operations.

I want to realize that the "Data Center" mean.

What detail item include in "Data Center"?

That's easy: it's the server time. When we detect a slow page, we analyze its load sequence and when we see that load sequence shows the server time being main contributor to the page load time - then the page is slow because of the server time. We don't call the reason "server", but rather "data center" because from the perspective that DC RUM has we don't know whether long server time observed has been caused by the server, the app on the server, other servers downstream etc - so it's really something in the data center.

Details on what that was can be analyzed with Dynatrace OneAgent installed on app servers.

Thank you very much @Kris Z.

Your description is very helpful for me