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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

"No data available for Operation data"

This error message appears when I hover of the yellow triangle on a report ADS screen.

"No data available for Operation data"

However, searching the online documentation, a Google search, and a crystal ball reveal nothing!

What does this message mean?

Thanks and God bless,


PS For future. Please, if a developer writes a statement (hover, error, or any other text) create an explanation for it and provide it in the documentation.


See this screen shot.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Genesius

I'm afraid I can't see your screenshot. Can you please add it again?

A couple of things i can think of though.

The operations data relates to ADS data. Do you have an ADS in your system?

The most likely scenarios are

  1. The ADS is not reachable.
  2. The ADS is in a processing delay and you are looking for data ahead of the time period it has processed.
  3. The ADS has a licensing issue

What i would suggest doing is navigation directly your ADS via the IP or hostname and checking the current processing on it. There may be a warning message on the home screen.

If that doesn't help I recommend opening a support ticket here



@Alasdair P.

Unfortunately, because I did not list what the screen shot was, I can't remember what it was. I did not save it as a file first.

To answer you questions, there is the following on the ADS screen.

Due to BULK INSERT failures data saving algorithm is switched to slower PREPARED INSERT

Also, there are warnings under Memory on the modulestatus screen.

Memory resident: 89% (percent of Java memory reserved to server that resides in physical memory, the rest is swap file)

And several warnings on Processing Speed.

All of them read No data processed

Thanks for your help and God bless,


Hi Genesius

It sounds then like your ADS has stopped processing data. You would need check the ADS server log. Have a look for messages like skipped waiting for samples.

I would also double check that the license is correctly applied to that ADS.

You will also find the reason bulk inserts has failed in there but this will only be logged at the last restart. You will find more information on how it should be configured here

A fater resolution will probably be found by opening a support ticket and attaching an export config from the ADS. Unfortunately it is difficult for me to say anything for sure without seeing the logs.