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"Unsupported certificate" SSL error?

Hi all,

What does the error code 43 really means? I get in the output log generated by AMD after enabled debug-level are full of this error message.

Remember I read somewhere in the forum that self-signed certificate is treated as no different to ordinary/standard/paid certificates, but in my case it seems to be not, as

1. Using rcon command I do verifed that: key are matched, key are not expired, and ciphers used is supported.

2. The key is indeed meant for this certificate, as I encrypted the current date using cert, and decrypt the file using the private key, only to get back the same thing--the date.

3. Do a tcpdump using AMD, packets trace showing nothing unusual in SSL negotiation packets.

Anyway, these 3 info are just additional FYI (Feel free to correct me if I am wrong or missed out anything). My main question is still, what can this error message possibly tell me/ help to further troubleshoot?




"Unsupported certificate" is an SSL alert, not decryption error - i.e. it's not an event generated by the AMD due to some issue, but an event seen in the traffic (the client rejecting the server's certificate). You'd need to determine which client/server pair generates this error, what software is used by both parties and then investigate accordingly (the alert's meaning strongly depends on the SSL software used by the client and server).