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'ssldecr keys' returned empty. although had tried 'ssldecr keys reload', AMD restart and use kpadmin to load keys into Memory?

'ssldecr keys' returned empty, these are the things tried/checked:

1. Permission of keys folder and files inside it all I set to 777

2. server.key.dir , server.key.list and ssl.import.all.keys.from.token are showing nothing wrong in rtm.config file

3. ndstop, then ndstart

4. use kpadmin

What else can I try? this is a POC and I am still scratching my head for this.


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Do you have keylist file created?

Issue resolve in an...unconventional way, after support ticket is opened.

I remove whatever white space I have in the keylist file, then it is loaded.