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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

subnet to site or location mapping



How can I upload a mapping file to map a user's subnet to a location or site.

A bit similar to userlocmap but than with the subnet.





Ok, what is the subnet syntax expected in that subnet file?

I also checked the "import sites manually" functionality which seems to work.

Is this the correct method to use and if so, which mechanism has priority as we also use to map usernames to sites.


Hi Hans

That file is something you can buy preconfigured.

But I Think you are more interested in using Private Address Space?

Then a better choice is to go to the CAS and create a location file (or files) in <Drive:>\PROGRAM FILES\DYNATRACE\CAS\CONFIG\

If you open the locations-sample.config you will have a sample format of the file.

Notice that you shouldn't write anything into this file as it gets overwritten with every patch.

You can create a single file for every loaction "locations-London.config" or just have a single solid file "locations-AllInternalSites.config".


Great thx. Indeed we just need to define private addresses.

So how does this relate to the "import sites manually" functionality?

Also, I have uploaded already some mapping using the import sites. How can I remove these mappings.

When using that locations.config file, which mechanism has priority as we also use to map usernames to sites?


I think there is a proverb saying "There is more than one way to skin a cat" (ps. - I like cats) and so it goes for sites and locations too. It has also changed a bit during different version so what version are you on?

F.ex. In the latest and greatest you can go into the RUM Console and go "Sites" where you can visually add site after site or export to a CSV file - tweak and import again.

The "locations-XXX.config" was set up as a way to automate against various scheduled exports from core routers and IP management systems.

But to answer you second question - I'm not 100% sure what takes presedence over what file. Perhaps a small test would reveal that?

Just create a bogus site like "Eldorado" and assign it a small range you know will give effect and then wait. Some of these files/configs are only processed occasionally/overnight and some are instant.

But perhaps some of the Dev folk here know what order things are processed in. I noticed that you can get locations from Synthetic too and I wouldn't be surprised if the same applies to AppMon and Dynatrace?