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synthetic enterprise script url edit


In IE11 my synthetic script fails on the EditBox action where I change the URL in the browser address bar. I have found some suggestions like using "Navigation Bar", "Address Bar" or even "* Bar". None quite worked for me.

The error is on EditBox saying Failed to find the attach name: "Parent.Caption='Address Bar'".

Any ideas what I should try?




Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant


You can install Synthetic framework and you could use function "gotopage".

Else, the issue is maybe language of your browser. Are you sure IE is in english ?

I hope I can help you,


Hi Alex, it was the browser language that was an issue. Thanks, Jiri

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro


I agree with Alexandre that the Framework's GoToPage function should be able to deal with IE navigation, and would be the best way to do it.

In case you don't want to use the Framework, I'd try recording the navigation (that is usually the simplest method): Hit the record button in the Agent Recorder and type something in IE's address bar. Click on the minimized Agent Recorder symbol to stop recording. You should now see a couple of commands that have been created for typing text in the address bar. Among these commands you should see a working attach name for the address bar.

The Identify tool in the Agent Recorder is also very helpful to find attach names, and you could also create a new object in the object map for it.

Thank you Benjamin, that is the route I took to find the address bar name in local language.



The problem with using browser controls in general, and address bar in particular, is that the attach string may change with the progress of implementation of the browser, and this did happen to IE in the past. (In parentheses, as of this day we do not expect much of changes to IE in the future, because Microsoft clearly focuses on Edge now). This is why GoToPage was introduced. If you still want to use typing to address bar for navigation purposes (I am curious to know why), it is preferable to use keboard shortcuts, {Ctrl L} or {Alt D}. Either one. if directed to IEWindow, would put keyboaed focus to addtess bar and select all of its contents, thus allowing you to replace it. Since the focus is established, you do not need to know how to attach to the address bar, you can do something like

Keyboard.Type "{Return}"

You might need to put small pauses in between different keyboard interactions with controls to allow IE to do its housekeeping, because IE needs some time to transfer focus between controls, and the script may turn out to be faster then IE. Usually DoEvents is enough, but sometimes you might need to use Sleep. contains some other useful keyboard shortcuts, which by the way are not only independent from IE version, but also work with other browsers.

I will check that out, looks interesting. Thanks.

May I ask why do you prefer to not use GoToPage?

It is the classic case of the script maker leaving on vacation, the script stopped working and I was trying to figure out where is the problem. I will test GoToPage now.