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unable to view data for configured service on RUM


I have configured a software service on RUM with IP address and port number using Wizard.

Although i am able to get the service name reflected on frontend, However there is no such data like request breakdown and performance available for it.

Please tell me what are the probable reasons for this and the resolution as well.



Hi Rubi,

could you please provide more details on the Software Service configuration and the data you're getting from the Software Service report on the CAS?

Ciao, Raffaele


Thanks Raffaele,

Please find the below details:

I need to configure API services.Operation time has been selected as a parameter for the genearation of alerts.

The CAS traces request breakdown, operation breakdown,slow operations ,availablity etc.

After configuring, i am able to view the software service but the trace count for the above mentioned parameters is showing zero (0).

Data processing is fine though,

Hi Rubi,

a couple of questions:

What kind of analyzer are you using? HTTP?

What version are you running on?

Thanks, Raffaele

Can you provide some screen shots of your software service config, and the CAS reports so we have a better idea what is happening.


HTTP analyzer is being used

version :


I would guess the volume is low and are being rolled up into "All Other".

I suggest taking a trace to see what the actual request is and then configure the Software Service to always report on those.

If the volume is really low you can enter a wildcard Regex that will give you all the requests and responses.