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update for Release Build Numbers Table needed

Can you please update Release Build Numbers Table after DCRUM 12.3.5 was published


Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

I already updated to 12.3.4 in my test environment, now decided to use the newest SP 12.3.5 before starting with acceptance and production. Following the build numbers there is no need to do anything for CSS now because there was no Change from 12.3.4 to 12.3.5 ... correct ?

Yes, you are correct!


Hi, Just wanted to know whats new in 12.3.5. We have updgraded our test environment and during that CAS installation took 1.5 hrs(which should bot be for fixpacks). can you please provide the details.

Thanks in advance.

For SP5 it's in Technical Notes of DC RUM 12.3 Release Notes and DCRUM 12.3.5 Resolved issues.

You may also be interested in what has left and is waiting for SP6.