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(upgraded) CAS 12.4.13 long startup time

Noticed that CAS takes quite some time after a restart (12.4.13, upgraded).
In the logs we see a long list of lines like:

T RTM17-07-10 09:43:37.568[ClientDescManager] Client description ClientDesc{id: 632705, type: DESKTOP, name:} resolved to:

What is ClientDescManager, what is it doing, and can this behaviour be controlled?

What you see is a result of a background thread which resolves client IP addresses to names.

What control do you have in mind?

I am aware of the function, however it is appears as not so background, because CAS appears to remains unavailable until all addresses are resolved, due to what is written in the server log.. So I was wondering if this could be controlled, throttled Or switched off.

CAS remains unavailable until all addresses are resolved

It is not true. CAS remains unavailable until all sub-tasks are started up. I bet you see lots of resolver's logs during that time because no other logs are produced until cache is loaded but this only shows that resolver is independent from other tasks.

Oke, good to know that. Indeed, refreshing the server.log only shows these entries increasing. Restarting CAS seems to take a lot longer than 12.3, and this was the only visual indication on what CAS was working on.
Perhaps we need to notch up the loglevel to find out what is taking longer.
Cache loading in 12.3 was also done when the UI became active. Has this changed?

During startup CAS loads various caches and this is the reason for long startups. We are now (17.x) working on optimize SQL queries to load it faster. If these are scheduled restarts you should try to schedule it at 1:10 a.m. It should be faster as it would not have to load data for many hours.

Thanks Robert, will take this in consideration for sure.
This involved restarts in acceptance environment, after some changes.
Will have to take the extra load time in consideration for unscheduled restarts as well.