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API not associating with a RUM web application


We have a blazor wasm application using RUM injection to gather metrics in Dynatrace.  That application calls an API hosted in an Azure App Service which we have OneAgent deployed to.  

In the Smartscape view they aren't associating and we'd like to be able to see a client interaction from start to finish.  Is there a way to get these to connect and show the relationship?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

is the Application injected with RUM via the OneAgent or is it 'Agentless"?


It is Agentless.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Take care to check the settings about your beacon endpoint
There exists several reasons why not linked (CDN between / If you are in Managed so your Cluster Activegate is not exposed publicly , etc).
Please open chrome dev tools on your browser and search for beacon request , i.e. the beacon endpoint URL would start with rb_prefix.

Sorry, I'm not sure if I explained my issue correctly.  The WASM Agentless app is communicating and reporting to Dynatrace correctly.  The API has a OneAgent deployed to the AppService and is reporting to Dynatrace correctly. 

What I am not seeing is the user interaction start from the web app and connect through to all the monitored components and back in a distributed trace, app -> api -> database -> api -> app, as well as not showing that the web app connects to the api in the smartscape view.

Make sure that the process group doesn't have RUM injection turned off for the AppService.  This can cause loss of service correlation 



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