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AWS Logs in Dynatrace (FluentD/FluentBit vs. Firehose)


I'm wondering how others are approaching this subject.

I currently have an EKS cluster with self-managed nodes and so I'm able to get logs into Dynatrace due to being able to install OneAgent. (I have Dynatrace SaaS). 

But I'm needing to bring logs for things like Lambda and RDS from CloudWatch and I came across this article on Dynatrace for bringing in CloudWatch logs into Dynatrace using AWS Firehose. CloudWatch Logs | Dynatrace Docs

But that same article mentions that AWS log forwarder supports a maximum 1GB of data processing per hour and this is initially concerning because as we continue to migrate to AWS, this might become an issue.

I also recall at some point in the past hearing about using FluentBit or FluentD to forward logs from RDS/Fargate/Lambda into Dynatrace. 

I'm also trying to justify having an AWS PrivateLink between our VPC and Dynatrace to make all of this smoother/cheaper. 
Anyone willing to share what kind of a solution you have implemented? 


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@shakib have you made any progress on this? Would you be able to share your progress?


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