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AWX call from a SaaS tenant




I have an issue with a customer and I am wondering how to get a solution. Let's me explain what is it, Customer has a Dynatrace SaaS tenant and they what to start using Problem Notification / Remediation Actions. For that they want to launch Ansible Playbooks from Dynatrace when a certain problem happens. It looks easy but obviously their AWX runs on the Customer side and they cannot expose it to the internet, so to meet the target I am handling several options:


- A Reverse Proxy exposed on the Customer side DMZ pointing to AAWX (I guess they wont like this option).

- Handle AWX call not from the Saas Server but from the Active Gate which runs on the Customer network. Is this option currently available?

- Handle the AWX from the agent itself (I don't hope it will be possible).


What do you think? Are these options available? Do you find any other option?


Thanks in advance.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If you need to transmit data from internal locations or even hardened/secured locations then the Activegate method is your best bet. 


Please, could you guide me how to raise request to Ansible Tower from Active Gate instead of doing so from the Dynatrace Server (SaaS).


Thanks in advance!



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