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ActiveGate Module Usage


Is there a way in Dynatrace to view which ActiveGate modules are actively being used?

We want to free up system resources (like CPU, RAM, etc...) on our ActiveGate EC2 instance by disabling any ActiveGate modules that are currently not being used.

When our ActiveGate instances were first created, every module was Enabled by default.

Before we disable them, we want a way to confirm they are not being utilized.

Thank you.




Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @ASE ,

I recommend dedicating an Active Gate (AG) for specific uses, such as one AG for extensions and data collection, and another AG for routing OneAgent traffic. 



Thank you, @JoseRomero .

This is a good and logical recommendation.

However, at this time, we do not want to spin up another ActiveGate EC2 instance dedicated to just Extensions.

We are looking for ways to "trim the fat" off of the ActiveGate EC2 instances we have in place now.

In your opinion, do you believe that Extensions 2.0 should have its own dedicated ActiveGate instance?


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